Frequently Asked Questions

Does it cost my company money to use Mid-Hudson VIP?

No. Whether you use Mid-Hudson VIP or not, your health insurance premium will be the same.

How does my company use Mid-Hudson VIP?

All you need to do is sign a Broker of Record letter that we will supply to you.

Once we sign with a broker, how long is the contract valid?

The Broker of Record appointment can be changed at any time. We are confident that after using our services, you will see the value that we add to your company and want to continue to use our services.

If it doesn’t cost anything, why wouldn’t we use Mid-Hudson VIP?

This question is asked many times and our answer is: “It makes sense to use Mid-Hudson VIP.” You get experienced, personalized, local, and professional service at no additional expense.

The Mid-Hudson VIP Advantage


Our Health insurance brokers are experienced, licensed professionals who can guide you – the consumer – through the complex task of choosing and utilizing health insurance coverage at an affordable price.


Our brokers are independent business people living and working in your community.


Our brokers also provide guidance and expertise for employer-based plans as well as for Medicare-eligible individuals.

Meet Our Team


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For expert advice, trust Mid-Hudson VIP

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