Health Insurance

Off-Exchange – An off-exchange plan is a health insurance policy that is purchased directly from the carrier or through an agent or broker, outside of the official ACA-created health insurance exchange (on-exchange).  Mid-Hudson VIP offers off-exchange individual plans through:

Private Insurance Carriers

Employer’s Network Association

On-Exchange – An on-exchange plan can be purchased through the NY State of Health website.  Individuals purchasing plans on-exchange may be eligible for federal subsidies to help cover the cost of coverage or if they are eligible for Medicaid, the federal-state health insurance program.  Mid-Hudson VIP can assist with the process by nominating us as broker.  Go to to complete the application and click on Find a Broker on the Account and Identity Information Section.


Mid-Hudson VIP offers competitive Individual Dental and Vision plans.  Please click below to find a plan and get a quote.


Cigna Dental Plan Materials: